Tres Delinquentes Şarkı Sözü (LYRICS)

I fetch my brazos hardcore down from the click-hi
Who's that - emanatin' funk through the speaker
Bass gets to pumpin' rucka's get to pumpin'
Who's that rap king got the party start jumpin'
Blasting too high no need for the boo-ya
My hammer with the one knock I'll shoot through ya
Step to the crowd I feel the strain
Those chingazos in the moshpit feel for pain
So don't get in my way baby
Because the guero loco came in here to play baby
My shit'll pump up a jam, god damn its the baddest
Tres delinquentes step into the madness

(horns) Get Funky(x3)
(horns) Get Funky(x3)

De ondas muchacho, hay bienes te miro
Si me tries bronca, me aloco de a tiro
Me paro te tumbo, no es tu rumbo
Y con en lingo talvez te confundo
Ships the attack with a 5 foot 10
The blaxican once again with the cocktail pin
As I emerge from the depths of the realm my son
I got the black gat fat track, coke to rum
Otra vez ya lo ves in the crew somos tres.
One blaxican on the squad you don't test
Sittin' hard like and an Aztec swift like a Zooloo
That's what it's like when the pump shot through ya

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