Still In Love Şarkı Sözü (LYRICS)

The Best Time I Ever Had
When U Were Mine
Said To Myself To Keep You Near
Never Let U Go
But Trains And Boats And Aeroplanes
Took Me Away
From You

Away From All The Love We Had
From All The Things We Shared
Tell Me What Can I Do, You're Always On My Mind

If I Could Sing My Song To You
I'd Tell You How My Heart Is Broken Too
From Any Corner Of The World
I'd Let You Know I'll Always Be Your Girl
I'm Still In Love With You

Lonely Days And Lonely Nights
Since You've Been Gone
I Miss Your Touch, I Miss Your Smile
Always By My Side
I Think About The Times We Had
And I Wonder Why, Oh Why

Why You Had To Steal My Heart
When We're A World Apart
So Tell Me, Baby What Should I Do
You're Always On My Mind

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