Paradise Şarkı Sözü (LYRICS)

Touch you once, my fingers go numb
Hold my breath one second too long
Fainting others when I wake up
You'll be gone, you're all that I got

Being with you, my natural high
Still got every single butterfly
Just what they all wish that they had
So intense, it's driving me mad
So into you now

Said I want you for a million days
You say you want the same with me
With love for real without the lies
Is that what they call paradise?
All of you wanna be in it
All of you wanna be in it

Dark days when I'm feeling the doubt
Bring me back, you're light of my life
You sweep all my worries away
Brush me off, now I'll be okay

Right this way forever and on
When I drown, I feel like I've won
'Cause I made it all the way through
Tear in love, a lifetime with you

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