Can't Hold Back Şarkı Çevirisi Şarkı Sözü (LYRICS)

This is something new to me
I think I miss you every time you're gone
And it's so hard to believe
You were right here with me all along

Don't know how I could deny
the magic that I feel when you're near me
It's so clear
I can't let you walk away
I need you to stay by my side
Stay right here

It's too late now
Think I'm lost in your love
Your chemistry, energy got me feeling the rush
It's too late now
Got me breathing your love
There's a fire between us, you're fueling it with your touch

Oh, oh, oooh
Can't hold back [X3]
Can't hold back, no
Oh, oh, oooh
Can't hold back [X4]

Is it true for me
You are everything I want and more
Maybe I was too naive
To see you were just the same before

I swear, once you're mine
that you never gonna leave my arms, my arms
'Cause it's right this time
And I'm gonna show you you're the one


I don't know what it is
Just know that I can't hold back
I don't know where you came from
All I know is I'm ready for more

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